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How to Use the MSP Margin Calculator: 13 Hits
're not even looking to provide a per user price, but you want a price to cover the whole office. That'... are because each user gets Office and AV and..." But do they? Each //user// gets Office and antispam, but each //PC// gets AV and MBAM, right?. What if you... user who needs everything included in their cost, but the rest of the peons just need the standard pack
Formatting Syntax: 12 Hits
lCase]] to automatically create links by default, but this behavior can be enabled in the [[doku>config... ferent levels * Another item - The same list but ordered - Another item - Just use indention... ferent levels * Another item - The same list but ordered - Another item - Just use indention... L conversion is used for typography replacements, but can be configured to use other HTML as well. ===
RMM Comparison: 8 Hits
| ^Does Windows Patching Work? | Yes | Yes but no reporting.(reporting in beta) | | Sometim... Only via custom script | Yes | | "No | but provides Uninstall String using LogMeIn" | No ... | Yes | Yes | Yes | | No | "No | but can be done silently through built in scripts" |... | | | | | "via monitoring sets | but not integrated" | | NO | | "Service mod
Search: 7 Hits
ugin ]'' will find pages which contain "DokuWiki" but do not contain "plugin". You can use this syntax ''-'' not just for a keyword, but also for a partial matching, a phrase search, a n... searching for ''[ wiki ]'' will only find "wiki", but searching for ''[ *wiki ]'' will also find "DokuW... a word "dokuwiki" and are within "wiki" namespace but not within "wiki:docs" namespace. The query ''[ d
VOIP vs. Analog: 4 Hits
hosted providers, if you want to keep 12 phones, but only pay for 10 that's fine. If (or when) you nee... m it will likely support any SIP-compliant phone. But then you have the problem of provisioning and man... as they have extensions. This may fluctuate some. But it's a pretty fair assumption. - Analog lines ... runks. That way they can keep with their 7 lines, but also have the resiliency of failover in case of a
Complete Install and Setup Guide for Dokuwiki: 4 Hits
server can live on a USB flash drive for storage, but should be run from a SATA connection. ==Physical... inux. I am going to include a very base vim guide but further reading would be recommended. |Base Vim C... m default-ssl'' * This file is basically set up but you will want to uncomment the SSLOptions line a... a good idea to back things up before you do this. But sometimes we don't have that option, do we? Our
Golden Files: 3 Hits
By default, msu/cab files are processed by alpha, but I put some here to guarantee that some get instal... y Home Premium if you're not VLK licensed for it, but it works. Caveat Emptor.) #S2012R2STDX64 = S 2012... 64 #You can use whatever naming scheme you want, but if you change anything, #make sure you change it
Namespaces: 2 Hits
only if they have a ":" prefix or have no prefix but do have intermediate (or suffix) ":" Links relat... m a ''blank state'' as follows (again under Unix) but be warned that this will mean losing all your his
The Media Manager: 2 Hits
iting [[toolbar]]. When you like to manage media, but have no need for inserting media links, you can u... spaces are separated from the page [[namespaces]] but usually follow their structure. You can use the +
Give Customers Access to their PCs: 2 Hits
operty that you used (very likely this will be 2, but could be 1-8): - CustomPropertyN = $USERNAME\... :// to get to their PC, but that's not a nice URL, so do this instead - Mak
KB Guidelines: 2 Hits
wiki. Wiki syntax is slightly different than word but is easly learned. Feel free to try new things in ... Wiki's can search this and find stuff no problem but if we wanted to provide some structure and add fo
LICEcap: 1 Hits
r .LCF (see below). [[LICEcap]] is an intuitive but flexible application (for Windows and now OSX), t
Enabling Encrypted Messaging in Office 365 Exchange: 1 Hits
erShell. For my example I am using North America, but the table below shows all the locations. <code>Se
DDRescue: 1 Hits
older to /mnt. Note that you could mount anywhere but traditionally, mounts are done under this folder.
Golden Deployment Image: 1 Hits
Quickbooks: 1 Hits 1 Hits
MSP Toolkit: 1 Hits
Add New Page: 1 Hits
Old Computer View in LabTech 11: 1 Hits
Wiki pages: 1 Hits
Use One Office365 Account for Multiple Boards: 1 Hits
Scan to Folder: 1 Hits
Datto Siris: 1 Hits
Enable MS Access on Office 365: 1 Hits
New Ticket Notification Template: 1 Hits
Fix Slow Server Performance: 1 Hits