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is behavior can be enabled in the [[doku>config]] file. Hint: If DokuWiki is a link, then it's enabled. ... ?php /** * Customization of the english language file * Copy only the strings that needs to be modifie... ats. To mitigate the problem, you can upload your file in different formats for maximum browser compatib... filename as the video and be either a jpg or png file. In the example above a ''video.jpg'' file would
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r position in the [[edit window]], just click the file name or image thumbnail in the right pane. Just use the upload form at the top right to upload a file. Optionally you can give a new name for the file. Be sure to keep the file extension correct! If you use new [[namespaces]] in the name these will be cr
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ge to clipboard * Print image * Save image to file * Save image to file as * Save thumbnail image to file * Perform actions * Copy file to clipboard * Copy file path to clipboard * Show file in explore
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nce this script is run, it will create a done.txt file in the FontInstall folder. Unless you modify the ... is run at logon or startup. ===== Script ===== <file powershell DeployFontsFromSharedFolder.ps1> #see ... " $files = dir $path #install each font foreach($file in $files) { #generate key name $fontname = $file.BaseName #copy file to the fonts folder r
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=====Restore a File===== * On the **Home** tab, click **Restore**. <wrap 95% right>{{:backup_and_reco... dow will close and you will be presented with a **File Level Restore** wizard. Select the job the server... of the VM/disks. * You will be presented with a file structure of the VM guest OS that you can browse.... asted:20161019-060830.png}}</wrap> * Locate the file or folder that you would like to restore. * Rig
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- finally click "choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file..." - Browse for the ISO image and then click... he2 restart </code> ===Configure PHP=== ==Set Max file Upload Size== - Modify the following php setti... size = 800M</code> - Edit that line to desired file size. - Save and Restart Apache.<code>sudo ser... w-data /var/www/dokuwiki</code> Move the old tgz file to safe place on computer<code>sudo mv dokuwiki-2
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our environment, server names, WSUS server, etc. <file txt CustomSettings.ini> [Settings] Priority = MAC... ludeKB041 = 3096053 WUMU_ExcludeKB042 = 3126446 </file> =====Regypts MDT Script===== <file powershell golden_MDT_image_builder.ps1> #clear out stale variable... addresses here *** AND IN YOUR CUSTOMSETTINGS.INI FILE *** function MaybeBuildRefVMs{ If ($DoBuildRe
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emix\\ List the available devices, partitions and file systems\\ //**sudo fdisk –l**//\\ \\ Change curre... rive on the newly created folder. Use the correct file system (ntfs or vfat for FAT32). Get the correct ... ddrescue to make an image of the partition into a file called disk.img (you can select any other file name). logfile is used to log the progress. Again, it ca
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sily deploy your certs. It's a self-extracting 7z file that will extract to a temporary directory, insta... ust - Install Firefox before running this exe file - Make sure that Firefox is at least version ... Your Installer ===== - Upload the resulting exe file to somewhere you can download from: i.e. Dropbox,... your webhost - Use your RMM to download the exe file to the client computer - Run the exe file - D
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ven be scripted for an RMM platform using a batch file. ===== Using Windows GUI ===== === Stop the Wind... es may exist. They are easily found by sorting by File Type and scrolling to the top or bottom. ==Chang... p== * Right click on the Reboot.XML/Pending.XML file and go to "Properties". * Select the "Securi... s== * Right click on the Reboot.XML/Pending.XML file and go to "Properties". * Then hit the "Secur
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to backup, restore, virtualize, offsite, and host file sync services. They have recently added the Siri... dows / Linux OS - "Inverse Chain" backup - File based - Creates a share that snapshots files... nt - Creates a share that allows you to view file / folder structure of the agent at specific point... ud spin up ===== Offsite ===== - Builds offsite file on appliance - Sends deltas of the data - Sc
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uild WIMs, Build VMs. Windows 7 and up ISOs use a file called install.wim that contains a disk image of sorts. The installer extracts this file to your C drive and then does a bunch of juju on ... s x64</code> In step 9, use my CustomSettings.ini file here: [[golden_image_files#CustomSettings.ini|loc... is confusing. I was able to turn the install.esd file I found on a combination Windows 10 Home+Pro ISO
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the page is newer than the timestamp of the index file.) The index consists of files called ''page.idx'... is a line in the corresponding ''i//[n]//.idx'' file that contains page references in the form of ''pn... n. The indexer uses a language specific stopword file which contains a list of very common words which ... ch a word will not return any hits. This stopword file is located in language folder of the DokuWiki ins
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of 9/15/2016). ====Deploy Script==== here is bat file for cb install. this is old though so probably needs some editing. it was before they merged file / folder and image into one install. They have added more cli option since as well. <file winbatch cb_deploy.bat> pushd "\server\share" mb-file.exe /S copy CBCustom\settings.list c:\program dat
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