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How to Use the MSP Margin Calculator: 10 Hits
ur margins get smaller and smaller. Sometimes you need to take a solid look at your costs before you can... ded in their cost, but the rest of the peons just need the standard package? That's what this calculator... ve 12 users, but two of them are interns and only need email, so you have a Type 1 User that gets everyt... ou don't have a true count of how many of the PCs need the VPN license. By splitting up your cost cente
Windows Server SPLA Licensing: 10 Hits
. If you ran two VMs on the above host, you would need double the licenses. It doesn't matter how many v... lso includes unlimited user/device CALs. You only need CALs if you're doing RDS. It becomes more econom... enter Edition at 7 VMs on a host. You **do not** need to license DR cores. If you have a BDR that will ... in up a VM if your primary server dies, you don't need to license those cores while the DR VM is running
The Media Manager: 5 Hits
bar]]. When you like to manage media, but have no need for inserting media links, you can use the [[full... upload form ===== Configuration ===== First you need to check "file_uploads" on php.ini and verify it... c" option mediamanager fails to upload files. You need to modify the "upload_tmp_dir" on php.ini (global... ou can disable the automatic closing here. If you need a better overview in the right pane, you can hide
Golden Deployment Image: 4 Hits
ll at once for testing==== Disclaimer: You don't need to put drivers into MDT just for image creation. You will need them for deployment, though. This isn't the ideal... y. I do this to keep it all automated, so I don't need to pick task sequences when MDT boots, I just cha... lup does not upgrade Internet Explorer, so you'll need that and it's updates, updates to .NET other than
VOIP vs. Analog: 4 Hits
====== VOIP vs. Analog ====== So we need to make sure we know what's important to the client so we can ... ter. Compared to an on-premise system where you'd need to add a license, incur downtime for installation... but only pay for 10 that's fine. If (or when) you need to swap out a phone you can either do it yourself... not paying anything for the spare phones. If they need to add it or swap it with another they can do so
Create a Headless virtualbox vHost: 3 Hits
ersion 4.0 into these extension packs. Because we need remote desktop connections to control our virtual machines, we need to install the appropriate extension pack now. Go... /etc/init.d/vboxweb-service start</code> - We need a web server with PHP support to serve phpvirtual
Namespaces: 2 Hits
und//. ===== Creating Namespaces ===== You don't need to create namespaces separately; simply create pa... ld_namespace'' and/or ''new_namespace'' words may need to be encoded if they are on a non-Latin characte
Golden Files: 2 Hits
k for my LabTech agent, disable this if you don't need it If ($OS -like "*S2012*"){ ... e and then comment the WIM lines out #You'll only need to rebuild your WIMs if you drop new updates into
User Profile Wizard: 2 Hits
ions from a domain back to a workgroup. ===== No need to lose personal data and settings ===== A Use... asy-to-use migration tool that means this doesn’t need to happen – you can simply migrate your original
Datto Siris: 2 Hits
ime - Does not preserve permissions (You May need to virtualize to and move data from VM if you need permission perservation) ===== Virtualization =====
Formatting Syntax: 2 Hits
not supported. ===== No Formatting ===== If you need to display text exactly like it is typed (without... or ''%%<php>%%'' tags. (Use uppercase tags if you need to enclose block level elements.) HTML example:
Setting Up ScreenConnect with free Let's Encrypt SSL on Windows Server: 1 Hits
nsion. - To auto-redirect http to https we will need to download and install the URL-Rewrite Module fr
Main Window: 1 Hits
referred to in one word as "pagetools")) that you need to edit and manage the page. Initially displayed
Installing Fonts: 1 Hits
talling fonts in Windows requires two steps (that need to be run as Admin) - Copy the font file to %wi
Download and Run a Program: 1 Hits
Acronis Monitoring Service: 1 Hits
Add New Page: 1 Hits
Clear Browser Cache all users: 1 Hits
Quickbooks: 1 Hits
Welcome to your new DokuWiki: 1 Hits
Datto Drive: 1 Hits
Scan to Folder: 1 Hits
Page Names: 1 Hits
Deploy the Cisco Umbrella Certificate: 1 Hits
Managing Group Creation: 1 Hits
Enabling Encrypted Messaging in Office 365 Exchange: 1 Hits
Export Mailbox to PST: 1 Hits
Generic Certificate Installer: 1 Hits