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RMM Comparison: 14 Hits
| | Yes | Monitor | | ^Trend Worry-Free | Monitor | Monitor | no | No | Yes (Pl... | Yes | Yes | | ^Price for branding? | Free | Free | included (free) | Free | Free | Free | $495.00 | Free | Free | $0.00 | | | Fr
How to Use the MSP Margin Calculator: 6 Hits
add them all up to get the price you charge. Feel free to divide it up on a per user/server/site basis f... opulated with most of the units you'll need. Feel free to rename and edit as you'd like. If you like the... to begin with. If you're offering a service for "free", like a "BDR is included with the service" free, then maybe you don't need 70% on that item. Margin ca
Complete Install and Setup Guide for Dokuwiki: 3 Hits
d software and host hardware for this build. Feel free to download and pre-stage the required software. ... ode> sudo vgdisplay lcars </code> - Note the free space we now have. - Extend the logical volum... ode> - The top line should display the added free space. - Done! Sources: * [[http://rg
OptiTune: 3 Hits
Manager * System Services It supports a 1 year free trial for 10 computers, with all functionality. ... bsite: Free 1 Year Trial Signup: OptiTune Cloud Login: https://manage.opti-t
optitune: 3 Hits
om one cloud based console. It supports a 1 year free trial for 10 computers, with all functionality. ... bsite: Free 1 Year Trial Signup: OptiTune Cloud Login: https://manage.opti-t
CloudSploit: 2 Hits
://]] **Discount**: Free month of Basic service with coupon //FREEMONTH//.... ack and/or social media mentions. **Price**: $0 (free), $8, $40, $110/month. Per-use for API-only plan.
Veeam Promos & Spiffs: 2 Hits
* Special Promo - [[|Get $1,000 in FREE Cloud Connect Services]]
Robin Robbins/Technology Marketing Toolkit: 2 Hits
bins/Technology Marketing Toolkit========== Some free tools/info on MSP Marketing
LICEcap: 2 Hits
ction with high performance. [[LICEcap]] is GPL free software, each download package includes the sour... creen_capture:licecap.gif?200|LICEcap}} Pricing: Free / Open Source Link:
Windows Server SPLA Licensing: 2 Hits
ount. You can run Windows Server on the host for "free" as long as it only runs the Hyper-V role. SPLA ... gets you 2 licenses, so you can run the host for "free" and 2 VMs on it. SPLA only gets you one VM per l
Datto Drive: 2 Hits
clients to Datto Drive and they'll get 1 year for free of the 1TB plan. After that it's $10/month. Partners get 1TB of storage for free forever. Datto Drive is similar to Dropbox, howe
Replibit Licensing Options: 2 Hits
backup locally. The storage amounts included are "free" with the replication license, and a replication ... ed vault. In short, cloud hosting with eFolder is free until overage costs are incurred. * **Protected
WSUS Cleanup: 2 Hits
roup #4 are approved and installed, then you'd be free to decline groups #2 and #3 en masse. If you dec... ation().LocalContentCachePath)" Write-Output "Free Space on the WSUS Content folder Volume is: $((Ge
Backup Current User Profile: 2 Hits
will take a lot of space!!*** echo ### Caculating free space...Please wait setLocal EnableDelayedExpansi... check that you have at least: !size! MB echo in Free Space for user %username% echo Press CTRL+C if yo
Mosaico Email Templates: 1 Hits
Greenshot: 1 Hits
ShareX: 1 Hits
Nagios Core: 1 Hits
Golden Files: 1 Hits
New Ticket Notification Template: 1 Hits
Deploy the Cisco Umbrella Certificate: 1 Hits
KB Guidelines: 1 Hits
Altaro: 1 Hits
CloudBerry: 1 Hits
Gyazo: 1 Hits
Probax: 1 Hits
FixMe.IT: 1 Hits
Replibit: 1 Hits
ConnectWise Integration: 1 Hits
Welcome to the MSPexchange!: 1 Hits
Setting Up ScreenConnect with free Let's Encrypt SSL on Windows Server: 1 Hits
Automation: 1 Hits
PRTG: 1 Hits