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yment share for easy deployment to real hardware. Here we go! =====Step 1 - Install WSUS===== [[https:... 3-Update-2]] //in case this breaks and goes away. here is {{:automation:mdt:building_win_7_reference_ima... </code> In step 9, use my CustomSettings.ini file here: [[golden_image_files#CustomSettings.ini|local co... S server, etc.** =====Step 3 - Use my script===== Here's where my magic comes in. Instead of using the i
How to Use the MSP Margin Calculator: 7 Hits
ce. That's where this calculator helps. ===== So Here's the Idea ===== "I charge $120/user and I know ... wgS8hp5PmNw6RWipJaf8qbAT1u7zvP1M/edit#gid=0|Click here]] for the Master MSP Costs sheet - Copy that sh... DW2VdEMYXe3TGN6b-yH_zcB6Ng/edit?usp=sharing|Click here]] to open the master copy, then save a copy to yo... the client's cost vs the margin. === Margin === Here's the meat of it. Too often, you'll try to make a
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o make it look nicer, feel free to override these here as pass them in as parameters $RootPath = "e:... /cab files are processed by alpha, but I put some here to guarantee that some get installed after the fi... to build RefVMs and build them #The MAC Addresses here MUST match the ones in your CustomSettings.ini #f... ress #range based on the last 2 octets of its IP. Here, I chose DE-1C because I #don't want to collide w
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ctory, install all certificates in the "put_certs_here" folder, and then clean up after itself. It will... = What's In The Installer ===== * **\put_certs_here\** - here's where your certificate files go. Make sure they have the .cer extension on them. * **cer... - Download the generic certificate installer from here:!OE91DBgB!pqTaXfDrP2htcKR_g8Ce7
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ple images, you can disable the automatic closing here. If you need a better overview in the right pane,... reate subnamespaces just prepend them to the name here. Which file extensions may be uploaded is configu... n icon to activate the [[multiuploader]] is shown here as well. Below the uploadform comes a listing wi... rmission problem. See the [[ACL]] manager please, here you set upload and remove permissions, for media
Installing Office 365 from your RMM: 3 Hits
o install Office 365 from your RMM, right? Great! Here's how you do that! As is always the case with Mi... d .msi or .exe for installing check out the guide here: e LT's Transfer folder or on your webhost - Now here's the deployment script, it's really complicated
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te one if it doesn't exist. If in doubt, post it here! :) * [[:general:kb_guidelines|General Content Creation Guidelines]] ====Quick Stats==== Here are some quick stats on the MSPwiki Totals in wi
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mal. There's more documentation on Session Groups here: - [[ ct:pasted:20170127-205014.png}} - More info here - [[
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and other images can be configured and extended. Here is an overview of Smileys included in DokuWiki: ... acters to their typographically correct entities. Here is an example of recognized characters. -> <- <-
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in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (cause I vacation here and don't work here) * Click on search under US Businesses. * Click on Advance search to pull up a
Deploy the Cisco Umbrella Certificate: 2 Hits
Block-Page-Errors-Installing-the-Cisco-Root-CA]] Here's how to do it with LabTech ====== Deploy the Ci... te ====== - Get the certificate installer from here:!OE91DBgB!pqTaXfDrP2htcKR_g8Ce7
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others as needed) - —lots of server thinking here— - Choose yes to install the Boot loader ... upport to serve phpvirtualbox - I'm using Apache2 here. Install Apache2 and PHP5 as follows: - <code>
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the pages built there will be a total time listed here. As you progress through this training please tak... 30% round> [[:wiki:how_to_wiki:main_window|ENTER HERE]] </WRAP>. ==== Task Training ==== ^ Select a
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:::::::::: REM Run shell as admin (example) - put here code as you like ECHO %batchName% Arguments: %1 %... } # Run your code that needs to be elevated here Write-Host -NoNewLine "Press any key to continue.
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