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WSUS Cleanup: 13 Hits
with executing it. If you end up with an error like below, it is due to the encoding of the file as y... is is good if you are removing Specific products (Like Server 2003 / Windows XP updates) from the WSUS s... duledRunStreamsDay = '1' # What months would you like to run the QuarterlyRun Stream? # (Valid months a... S or not being able to make a product that works (like so many others have done), but rather blame thems
Formatting Syntax: 13 Hits
com|This Link points to google]]. Email addresses like this one: <> are recognized, t... m|This Link points to google]]. Email addresses like this one: <> are recognized, t... Wiki]]. ==== Windows Shares ==== Windows shares like [[\\server\share|this]] are recognized, too. Plea... these only make sense in a homogeneous user group like a corporate [[wp>Intranet]]. Windows Shares li
Installing Office 365 from your RMM: 8 Hits
alling Office 365 from your RMM ====== Hi! You'd like to install Office 365 from your RMM, right? Great... there's more than one way to do things. If you'd like to use a GUI to generate a self-contained .msi or... tor]] - That tool lets you also define things like uninstalling old versions of office, which bitnes... and more! - This is what my config XML looks like, yours might look like this too! If you like this
How to Use the MSP Margin Calculator: 6 Hits
pasted:20161016-210418.png}}If it's a yearly cost like an annual UTM license, enter <key>=YourCost/12</k... a monthly cost. - If you're providing hardware like a server or UTM and you want to recoup that cost ... ou'll need. Feel free to rename and edit as you'd like. If you like the units as is, then let's start building them out. We're going to build your "default st
Golden Files: 5 Hits
Action SilentlyContinue If($ISOFileExist -like 'False'){ Write-Host (Get-Date)" ${VM... lderPath = $VM.path if($VMToRemove.state -like "Running"){Stop-VM $VMToRemove -Force} $V... lderPath = $VM.path if($VMToRemove.state -like "Running"){Stop-VM $VMToRemove -Force} $V... talled in separate DISM commands If ($OS -like "*W7*"){ Write-Host (Get-Date)" ${OS}
Golden Deployment Image: 4 Hits
manually importing and applying patches in MDT, I like to dump them into a folder and let DISM install t... ery increment, and you end up with logs that look like this: <code> Mounting image [ 1.0% ] [= 2.0% ] [=... for everything. - Consider getting rid of shit like touchpads, webcams, printers and other devices th... hem all at once. - When you're done, it'll look like this: [[]] (MDT on left,
Restore a File: 4 Hits
rap> * Locate the file or folder that you would like to restore. * Right-click the file and select **Restore > Keep** if you would like to keep both copies. Veeam will add **Restored-**... e and select **Restore > Overwrite** if you would like to overwrite the current version of the file with... up copy. * Select **Copy To...** if you would like to copy this file to a new location that you can
Give Customers Access to their PCs: 3 Hits
called "User Access Only" (or whatever you would like) for your end users that will have access to thei... up: My Machines - Depending on if you would like the users to be able to transfer files, you may a... instead - Make a subdomain of your domain name, like - make sure to get an
Mac: 3 Hits
iTerm2 (Terminal replacement) * DiskInventoryX (Like WinDirStat) * GIMP (GNU Image ManiPulator - like Photoshop) * LibreOffice (More MS Office-like than built-in Mac Office suite) * Textwrangler (IDE/T
The Media Manager: 2 Hits
button in the page editing [[toolbar]]. When you like to manage media, but have no need for inserting m... elected. Sometimes this is not wanted, eg. if you like to insert multiple images, you can disable the au
Group Computers by Client Version: 2 Hits
nConnect automatically expands the first group, I like to leave All Machines as is. Create a new group b... ing on the down+right arrow and call it something like "Clients" - Leave Session Filter blank and ente
Powershell Scripts: 2 Hits
pes owner -ShowDetails | ? { $_.ClientInfoString -like "*Outlook*" } | select MailboxOwnerUPN,Operation,... } if($c2rVersion.Version -like "15*"){ $OdtExe = "$scriptRoot\Office
Toolbar: 2 Hits
i:syntax]]. The toolbar buttons work pretty much like the formatting buttons in your favorite word proc... * keyboard * flag <key>any</key> text to look like a keyboard key. * Indexmenu * Insert a smal
VOIP vs. Analog: 2 Hits
Set ==== Hosted VOIP vs On Prem is a no-brainer. Like many other providers, we're releasing new feature... phones. By contrast, the better hosted providers (like me) support provisioning and management for more
Installed Plugins: 1 Hits
RMM Comparison: 1 Hits
List PSTs Attached to Outlook: 1 Hits
Enabling Encrypted Messaging in Office 365 Exchange: 1 Hits
Greenshot: 1 Hits
Retrieve BitLocker Keys: 1 Hits
Self-Elevating Scripts: 1 Hits
User Profile Wizard: 1 Hits
Active Directory: 1 Hits
Create a Headless virtualbox vHost: 1 Hits
Welcome to the MSPexchange!: 1 Hits
Installing Fonts from a Server Share: 1 Hits
Test Page 1: 1 Hits
Deploy the Cisco Umbrella Certificate: 1 Hits
Wiki pages: 1 Hits