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WSUS Cleanup: 123 Hits
s of updates: Superseded, Expired, and Itanium to name a few. This is configurable on a per-type basis f... run this manually from the command-line. .NOTES Name: Clean-WSUS Author: Adam Marshall Website: http:/... base. - Added fix for spaces in the file or path name with regards to creating the scheduled task. - E... osition = 1, Mandatory = $true)] [String]$Name , [Switch]$PassThru ) pro
Powershell Scripts: 42 Hits
l) -or ($_.ForwardingAddress -ne $null)} | Select Name, ForwardingSMTPAddress, ForwardingAddress, Delive... rentFileName = Get-CurrentFileName Set-Alias -name LINENUM -value Get-CurrentLineNumber $c2rVBS... $OfficeLanguagePacks += $OffLang.Name } } ... $OfficeArgListProducts += $MainOfficeProduct.Name $OfficeArgListProducts = $Off
Golden Files: 34 Hits
ct-VM { [CmdletBinding(DefaultParameterSetName='name')] param( [Parameter(ParameterSetName='name')] [Alias('cn')] [System.String[]]$Computer... Name, ValueFromPipeline,ParameterSetName='name')] [Alias('VMName')] [System.String]$Name, [Parameter(Position=0, Mandatory,Value
New Ticket Notification Template: 12 Hits
_media/psa:autotask:notificationtemplates:company-name-vector-logo1.jpg"></span></p><p class="p1"><span ... class="p3"><span class="s1"><b>Hi [Contact: First Name],</b></span></p> <p class="p4"><span class="s1"><... </b>Detailed error message with the issue and the name of the user being affected.</span></li> <li class... #ffffff">Example IT Company</font></a> | 123 Road Name | City Name | County / State | ZIP / Post Code |
The Media Manager: 10 Hits
Browse the available namespace by clicking their name in the left pane. Namespaces can be expanded by a... k on the **+** button right next to the namespace name. To insert an image at the current cursor position in the [[edit window]], just click the file name or image thumbnail in the right pane. Just use t... t to upload a file. Optionally you can give a new name for the file. Be sure to keep the file extension
Huntress Install Script: 6 Hits
IT <code> <LabTech_Expansion Version="105.291" Name="LabTech Script Expansion" Type="PackedScript"> ... s>Installs Huntress silently. Sets tag to company name for easy grouping of clients. Requirements: - Set... 36</FolderID> <ParentID>222</ParentID> <Name>Security</Name> <GUID>1614cef6-10a2-4962-ae08-bbbf9d3701e4</GUID> </Table> </NewDataSet>
Fix for redirected folders can't connect via server name: 6 Hits
x for redirected folders can't connect via server name ====== This fix may also work for any share in w... Cache.xml> <LabTech_Expansion Version="110.350" Name="LabTech Script Expansion" Type="PackedScript"> ... 23</FolderID> <ParentID>222</ParentID> <Name>Offline Files</Name> </Table> </NewDataSet> </ScriptFolder> <ScriptFolder> <NewDataSet>
Get-LockoutBlame: 5 Hits
ounts. Defaults to 1 hour. Hint: If the computer name is blank, that means it was locked out remotely. ... e) { $filter += " and EventData[Data[@Name='TargetUserName']='$UserName']]" } else {... ct TimeCreated, @{Name='User Name';Expression={$_.Properties[0].Value}}, @{Name='Source Host';
Silent BitDefender GravityZone: 5 Hits
t. <code> <LabTech_Expansion Version="110.376" Name="LabTech Script Expansion" Type="PackedScript"> ... >215</FolderID> <ParentID>1</ParentID> <Name>Installers</Name> <GUID>5bd4044c-0420-45ce-8a0a-88f1d27d40bd</GUID> </Table> </NewDataSet> ... ID>1</FolderID> <ParentID>0</ParentID> <Name>Software</Name> <GUID>31866f37-8f0a-47b9-b1f
Complete Install and Setup Guide for Dokuwiki: 4 Hits
nd Create a new Virtual Machine(VM) - give it a name: __LCARS__ - Choose the Operating System Type: ... a hostname: __LCARS__(your choise) - Enter your name: (John W. Smith) - Create a username: jsmith ... ://lcars/dokuwiki/install.php]] - Give wiki a name: “Knowledge Base” - Fill out the rest of the ... SSLCertificate lines to reflect the location and name of your new information. <code> SSLEngine on SSLO
Installing Office 365 from your RMM: 4 Hits
with Updates and Logging enabled--> <Property Name="AUTOACTIVATE" Value="1"/> <Property Name="FORCEAPPSHUTDOWN" Value="TRUE"/> <Property Name="SharedComputerLicensing" Value="0"/> <Property Name="PinIconsToTaskbar" Value="FALSE"/> </Configurati
Page Names: 3 Hits
right corner of the page. For example this page's name is ''pagename''. **Note** All restrictions given... can have a pagename and a namespace with the same name, at the same time, within any namespace. Back to ... final token (the one after the last colon) as the name of the [[page]] itself, while all other tokens ar
Active Directory: 3 Hits
aspx|Technet Article]]. So, register a public DNS name, so you own it. Then create subdomains for intern... uters to your domain: - Right click your domain name and select **Properties** - Click the **Attribu... ring employee turnover and re-assignments. Use a name that describes the purpose and permissions of the
DDRescue: 3 Hits
tfs or vfat for FAT32). Get the correct partition name and number from fdisk -l\\ //**mount -t ntfs /dev... le called disk.img (you can select any other file name). logfile is used to log the progress. Again, it can be any file name. This will do a first pass on the partition skipp
Deploy the Cisco Umbrella Certificate: 3 Hits
Formatting Syntax: 3 Hits
Add New Page: 2 Hits
How to Use the MSP Margin Calculator: 2 Hits
Scan to Folder: 2 Hits
Golden Deployment Image: 2 Hits
Active User: 2 Hits
Installing Fonts from a Server Share: 2 Hits
Disable Time Sync from VM Host: 2 Hits
Give Customers Access to their PCs: 2 Hits
Automatically Upgrade Clients: 1 Hits
Self-Elevating Scripts: 1 Hits
Enabling Encrypted Messaging in Office 365 Exchange: 1 Hits
Namespaces: 1 Hits
Creating a Remote Mailbox in an Exchange Hybrid Environment: 1 Hits
SolarWinds MSP (MaxFocus/LogicNow RMM): 1 Hits
Serials: 1 Hits
Export Mailbox to PST: 1 Hits
Create a Headless virtualbox vHost: 1 Hits
PSR: 1 Hits
Group Computers by Client Version: 1 Hits
Creating Backup Copy Jobs: 1 Hits
Main Window: 1 Hits
Restore a File: 1 Hits
Gyazo: 1 Hits
Clear the Windows Update Reboot Flag: 1 Hits
Addigy (Mac RMM): 1 Hits
Wiki pages: 1 Hits
Setting Up ScreenConnect with free Let's Encrypt SSL on Windows Server: 1 Hits