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WSUS Cleanup: 103 Hits
he default of deleting computer objects that have not synced within 30 days). - Application Pool Mem... downstream WSUS servers you may have. It does not matter the order on where you run it as the scrip... so that you have the SQLCMD utility. The SSMS is not a requirement but rather a good tool for troub... x64_ENU.exe - For Server 2016 - I've not personally tested this on server 2016, however ma
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' will find pages which contain "DokuWiki" but do not contain "plugin". You can use this syntax ''-'' not just for a keyword, but also for a partial matchi... uwik* ]'' (partial matching). Note that ''*'' is not a "wildcard". You can't use it within a keyword, i.e. searching ''[ doku*iki ]'' will not find anything for you. ==== Phrase search ("") ==
Formatting Syntax: 10 Hits
o lowercase automatically, special characters are not allowed. You can use [[some:namespaces]] by usin... tyle from [[nonexisting]] ones. * DokuWiki does not use [[wp>CamelCase]] to automatically create link...|Mozilla Knowledge Base]]. However, there wil... | If you specify a filename that is not a supported media format, then it will be display
How to Use the MSP Margin Calculator: 9 Hits
you can come up with a price at all. Maybe you're not even looking to provide a per user price, but you... time users, and there's some number of PCs that's not related to either? What if you have that one spec... ) has a list of costs that apply to that unit and not others. These costs are the services/software/har... do a User 2, or don't, it's your call, but we're not discussing that yet. We're only collecting our co
Golden Deployment Image: 8 Hits
ead through the script (collapse Connect-VM, it's not interesting) and change the variables to suit you... isn't the ideal way to use drivers with MDT. It's not even a very good way. The best method for managin... Get the DRP.SU DriverPack Full ISO image torrent, not the installer. - Extract all driver archives to... ams, printers and other devices that you're might not see a ton of, or that are at least easily gotten
VOIP vs. Analog: 5 Hits
ne is $35 and voicemail is $5 then it's $40/line, not $35. After taxes and fees (T&F) most customers ar... all the items above AND 10 available call paths, not 4. Note they are not paying anything for the spare phones. If they need to add it or swap it with anot... r as a replacement. Look at the total phone cost, not just the monthly service bill. Also, it's not unc
Active User: 5 Hits
bat> @ECHO OFF ECHO. :: Windows version check IF NOT "%OS%"=="Windows_NT" GOTO Syntax ECHO.%* | FIND "?" >NUL :: Command line parameter check IF NOT ERRORLEVEL 1 GOTO Syntax IF NOT [%2]==[] GOTO Syntax :: Keep variable local SETLOCAL :: Initialize v... able SET WSS= :: Parse command line parameter IF NOT [%1]==[] FOR /F "tokens=1 delims=\ " %%A IN ('ECH
RMM Comparison: 5 Hits
comparison would look like in the wiki. answer is not great... please see the main link to the spreadsh... ^Remote Control | "Splashtop | VNC | RDP. Not yet supported from Mac." | Splashtop | Yes (s... a VNC (Removed in 9.4) ^MS-RDP" | ScreenConnect not always clean on Mac | "MSPAnywhere + ^Teamview... | | | | "via monitoring sets | but not integrated" | | NO | | "Service modules
Creating Backup Copy Jobs: 4 Hits
nt to use to encrypt the backup file. If you have not created a password beforehand, click **Add** or u... ckup copy job: * If the cloud repository does not use WAN accelerators, select **Direct**. * If... e the time span in which the backup copy job must not transport data over the network. You can use this... sable the backup copy job during production hours not to produce workload on the production environment
Golden Files: 3 Hits
rbose "Starting VM '$($vm.Name)'. Skipping, VM is not not in 'off' state." } } $InstanceCount+=1 Write-Verbose "Instance... u can't technically deploy Home Premium if you're not VLK licensed for it, but it works. Caveat Emptor.
Self-Elevating Scripts: 3 Hits
Self-Elevating Scripts ====== Sometimes you're not sure if the user you're running as has admin righ... to force the user to Run As Administrator if it's not needed. These scripts check their privileges and ... arkBlue" clear-host } else { # We are not running "as Administrator" - so relaunch as admin
Windows Server SPLA Licensing: 3 Hits
Datacenter Edition at 7 VMs on a host. You **do not** need to license DR cores. If you have a BDR tha... d to be licensed. Windows Server Containers **do not** need to be licensed as they share a kernel with... 2016 so don't get attached. Hyper-threading does not affect core count. ===== Examples ===== You have
Complete Install and Setup Guide for Dokuwiki: 3 Hits
g VirtualBox as my host software. This guide does not cover how to setup a virtualbox host. I am assumi... ed permissions<code>ls -lh /bin/su</code> - Do not permit source routing of incoming packets<code>su... * ''sudo a2ensite default-ssl'' * //If you do not enable the default-ssl you will get this error: _
The Media Manager: 3 Hits
n users. Users without the proper permission will not see the upload form ===== Configuration ===== F... ose when an image was selected. Sometimes this is not wanted, eg. if you like to insert multiple images... nd more of images?=== When a flat organisation is not enough you can introduce extra namespaces in your
Exporting Mailbox to PST: 3 Hits
Building Your Own Appliance/Vault/Management Console: 3 Hits
Scan to Folder: 2 Hits
KB Guidelines: 2 Hits
New Ticket Notification Template: 2 Hits
DDRescue: 2 Hits
Restore a File: 2 Hits
Replibit: 2 Hits
Replibit Licensing Options: 2 Hits
DokuWiki: 2 Hits
User Profile Wizard: 2 Hits
Clear the Windows Update Reboot Flag: 2 Hits
Main Window: 1 Hits
The Edit Window: 1 Hits
Group Computers by Client Version: 1 Hits
Add New Page: 1 Hits
Conference Room Standards: 1 Hits
Page Names: 1 Hits
Recommended Books: 1 Hits
Wiki pages: 1 Hits
Datto Alto: 1 Hits
Quickbooks: 1 Hits
Welcome to your new DokuWiki: 1 Hits
Backup Current User Profile: 1 Hits
Enabling MS Access on Office 365: 1 Hits
Create a Headless VirtualBox vHost: 1 Hits
Welcome to the MSPexchange!: 1 Hits
ConnectWise Integration: 1 Hits
Use One Office365 Account for Multiple Boards: 1 Hits
Give Customers Access to their PCs: 1 Hits
Installing Office 365 from your RMM: 1 Hits
FixMe.IT: 1 Hits
Creating a Remote Mailbox in an Exchange Hybrid Environment: 1 Hits
Scout: 1 Hits
Datto Siris: 1 Hits
Addigy (Mac RMM): 1 Hits
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TeamViewer: 1 Hits
Continuum: 1 Hits