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WSUS Cleanup: 16 Hits
posts saying not to install these on SBS, please take notes of the dates of these pages and advice... s because they are not the finished product. ### Please read the background information below on supersed... ed the description for RemoveDeclinedWSUSUpdates. Please read it. - Added Test-IfBlocked - If it's blocke... he $AdamjInstallScheduledTask variable to $False, please know that you can encounter problems with WSUS in
Powershell Scripts: 5 Hits
====== Powershell Scripts ====== Please share your most commonly used Powershell Scripts here === Disabl... if(!($isInPipe)) { Write-Host "Please wait while $c2rName is being uninstalled..." ... $(LINENUM) -FName $currentFileName -ActionError "Please wait while $c2rName is being uninstalled..." -Log... Write-Host "Invalid or Unsupported Language. Please select a language." -NoNewLine -BackgroundColor R
Formatting Syntax: 3 Hits
like [[\\server\share|this]] are recognized, too. Please note that these only make sense in a homogeneous ... ]] [[|{{wiki:dokuwiki-128.png}}]] Please note: The image formatting is the only formatting... ersion().'</td>'; echo '</tr></table>'; </PHP> **Please Note**: HTML and PHP embedding is disabled by def
New Ticket Notification Template: 3 Hits
fully aware that the HTML could be "prettier" so please feel free to tidy as you go! <html><span id="A39... cker! If not already included and where relevant, please reply to this email where possible with the follo... cker! If not already included and where relevant, please reply to this email where possible with the follo
Backup current user profile: 2 Hits
ot of space!!*** echo ### Caculating free space...Please wait setLocal EnableDelayedExpansion set /a value... /a subb=!sum!/1024 set /a size=!subb!+400 ) echo Please check that you have at least: !size! MB echo in
Clear Browser Cache all users: 2 Hits
. (Run on a DC, remove the #s): #$ou = Read-Host “Please type the Users OU in the following format ‘OU=Use... he DC to the root of the TS” $CSVPath=Read-Host “Please enter the full path to the CSV containing the lis
The Media Manager: 2 Hits
in the name these will be created automatically. Please note: If the administrator enabled [[ACL]] suppor... bly a permission problem. See the [[ACL]] manager please, here you set upload and remove permissions, for
KB Guidelines: 2 Hits
contains information that is helpful for editing. Please read the [[:wiki:syntax|syntax]] to learn the syn... ix the formatting. **If you have any questions please post on [[]] and choose the ''#do
Welcome to the MSPexchange!: 2 Hits
ree to browse the site. If you want to contribute please register to get an account. We ask that you add ... x|Wiki Index]] If you have any questions at all, please email admin[at] The official Discord
Enable MS Access on Office 365: 1 Hits
ccess is available as of Jan 2017. ====Script==== Please run the following to change the update channel. <
How to Use the MSP Margin Calculator: 1 Hits
ome way. If you have any questions about its use, please feel free to pop in to the #sales channel in the
How To Wiki: 1 Hits
isted here. As you progress through this training please take the time to actually go and click/see what i
Conference Room Standards: 1 Hits
vely on you. If this is an area you know about. Please signup and edit this section with generalizations
Pulseway: 1 Hits]] Pulseway also have a PSA. For the PSA please visit this section, [[psa:pulseway|Pulseway PSA]]
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