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WSUS Cleanup: 44 Hits
--- - For Server 2008 SP2: - Install Windows PowerShell from Server Manager - Features ... /download/details.aspx?id=20430 - Install Windows Management Framework 3.0 from https://www.microso... /download/details.aspx?id=42642 - Install Windows Management Framework 4.0 and reboot from https://... on SBS 2008 and use the script. - Install Windows PowerShell from Server Manager - Features
Clear the Windows Update Reboot Flag: 26 Hits
====== Clear the Windows Update Reboot Flag ====== This will help with the reset and remediation of a failed Windows Update. ''This is not for a update that failed to... This will forcefully remove the "Reboot Pending" windows update notice. ===== Background ===== Recently, several computers I manage had a fouled windows update that failed to clear the Windows Update re
Troubleshooting: 23 Hits
ithout having multiple pages per each System. ===Windows Workstations=== Windows 98, NT, 2000 Windows XP / POSReady 2009 [[tag:Windows_Vista?do=showtag&tag=windows_Vista|Windows Vista]] [[tag:Windows_7?do=s
Golden Deployment Image: 12 Hits
e every week. With the new almost-SP2 release for Windows 7, I thought I'd polish up the script and update ... pt has two main functions: Build WIMs, Build VMs. Windows 7 and up ISOs use a file called install.wim that ... ).aspx]] Once installed, approve the following: Windows 7 updates Feature Packs (to get Microsoft .NET Fr...]] /
Golden Files: 12 Hits
d by date $DISMPath = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Deployment ... h /Add-Package /PackagePath:$RootPath\updates-sp2\Windows6.1-KB3020369-x64.msu /LogPath:$DismLog /ScratchDir:$WIMScratch #March 2016 Windows Update Client & $DISMPath /Image:$WIM... h /Add-Package /PackagePath:$RootPath\updates-sp2\Windows6.1-KB3138612-x64.msu /LogPath:$DismLog /ScratchDi
Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA): 8 Hits
======Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA)====== Use the [[WPA]] to read logs from the [[WPR]]. Included in the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK), Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA) is a tool that creates graphs and data tables of Event Tracing fo
Windows Performance Recorder (WPR): 8 Hits
======Windows Performance Recorder (WPR)====== Included in the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK), Windows Performance Recorder (WPR) is a performance recording tool that is based on Event Tracing fo
RMM Comparison: 7 Hits
etimes | | | Sometimes | Yes | | ^WIndows Patching Built-in? | Yes | Yes | Yes | Ye... | Rudimentary? | Yes | yes | | ^Does Windows Patching Work? | Yes | Yes but no reporting.(... | Splashtop | Yes (sucks) Must control FROM a Windows computer | "LogMeIn Pro ^Uses Client App | F... | | | | | | | | | | ^Windows | A | B | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes | Y
Windows Server SPLA Licensing: 7 Hits
====== Windows Server SPLA Licensing ====== SPLA licensing is a great way to provision servers with Windows Server without a huge up front investment in lice... be licensed for the full core count. You can run Windows Server on the host for "free" as long as it only ... VM for. The host that you run the BDR on, if it's Windows Server, **does** need to be licensed. Windows Se
User Profile Wizard: 6 Hits
te workstations to a new domain from any existing Windows network, or from a Novell NDS network; it can joi... ata and settings ===== A User Profile is where Windows stores your stuff. Normally, when you change your user account Windows will create a new profile for you, and you lose a... * Migrates all user profile data and settings on Windows XP/Windows 7/8 and Windows 10 * Automatically j
System Requirements: 6 Hits
**Desktop Operating systems:**\\ Winndows XP\\ Windows Vista\\ ndows 7\\ Windows 8/8.1\\ Windows 10\\ **Server Operating systems:**\\ Windows 2003\\ Windows 2008\\ Windows 2012\\ **Mac OSX:**\\ Mac O
Formatting Syntax: 5 Hits
Wikipedia's page about Wikis: [[wp>Wiki]]. ==== Windows Shares ==== Windows shares like [[\\server\share|this]] are recognized, too. Please note that these only ... s user group like a corporate [[wp>Intranet]]. Windows Shares like [[\\server\share|this]] are recognize... tes: * For security reasons direct browsing of windows shares only works in Microsoft Internet Explorer
PSR: 5 Hits
tep documentation tool. It is built directly into Windows 7+ ==== To record and save steps on your comput... r, select the **Start** button, and then select **Windows Accessories** > **Steps Recorder** (in Windows 10), or **Accessories** > **Problem Steps Recorder** (in Windows 7 or Windows 8.1) - Select **Start Record** -
Scan to Folder: 5 Hits
Security tab > Advanced > Change Permissions - Windows 7: Uncheck "Include inheritable permissions from the object's parent" and click Add - Windows 8/10: Click "Disable Inheritance" and then "Conve... check "Change permissions" and "Take ownership". (Windows 8/10: click "Show advanced permissions" to see th... check "Change permissions" and "Take ownership". (Windows 8/10: click "Show advanced permissions" to see th
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Patching: 5 Hits
Installing Certificates: 4 Hits
Installing Fonts: 4 Hits
Complete Install and Setup Guide for Dokuwiki: 3 Hits
Get-LockoutBlame: 3 Hits
LICEcap: 3 Hits
Continuum: 3 Hits
Active Directory: 2 Hits
ShareX: 2 Hits
Install Fonts from a Server Share: 2 Hits
Fix for redirected folders can't connect via server name: 2 Hits
Greenshot: 1 Hits
Restore a File: 1 Hits
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windows_unifi_controller_ssl_install: 1 Hits
Gyazo: 1 Hits
Windows Update: 1 Hits
TeamViewer: 1 Hits
Toolbar: 1 Hits
Pilixo Remo: 1 Hits
Fix Slow Server Performance: 1 Hits
Windows Server 2016 Core Licensing Calculator: 1 Hits
Setting Up ScreenConnect with free Let's Encrypt SSL on Windows Server: 1 Hits
Create a Headless VirtualBox vHost: 1 Hits
Windows Server Backup: 1 Hits
Clear Browser Cache all users: 1 Hits
Microsoft Recommended EventIDs to Monitor: 1 Hits
set_network_profile: 1 Hits
Get Serial, Model, IP & Username: 1 Hits
Install Huntress: 1 Hits
Datto Siris: 1 Hits
DDRescue: 1 Hits